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The Binders and Slipcases displayed below are included in our Outfit (Kit) products, which can be ordered in a variety of formats.  The Complete Outfit includes a booklet of custom stock certificates and backer sheets, a transfer ledger, a seal, a custom printed spine label, a custom printed card stock cover sheet inside the front cover, and a standard 6-bank tab-set. You can also order them without the certificates or the seal.   


The Black, Burgundy and Gray Binders can also be ordered separately or with matching Slipcases.  Both configurations are displayed below.  They can be used for a variety of applications, including Corporate, LLC, Partnership, Estate Planning, Association, Franchise, or General Record Keeping. The Brown Binders/Slipcases are for Corporate Records only.  

These high quality simulated - leather vinyl binders with detailed foil stamping have 1 1/2 inch steel rings and extra strength construction to prevent warping.  The Black, Burgundy and Gray Binders have a vinyl pocket inside the front cover.  Each binder has a 7-inch window on the spine for insertion of a custom Spine Label (displayed below).  

Rupert has special gold and silver paper for the production of Spine Labels (also displayed below) which match the foil stamp color on the binder. The paper can be purchased at a modest additional price when you order Binders for your own production of custom labels, or you can order custom-printed Spine Labels from Rupert separately as needed.

Please review our legal office supplies Price List for details on our binder, slipcase, outfit (kit) and related products and pricing, including volume discounts.

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